Deviock - A Rural Parish in SE Cornwall
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Parish Council Meetings 2017
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Parish Council12 Jan, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee26 Jan, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Parish Council  9 Feb, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee23 Feb, 20176.30pmCancellednana
Parish Council  9 Mar, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee23 Mar, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)nana
Parish Council13 Apr, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Annual Parish20 Apr, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee27 Apr, 20176.30pmCancellednana
Parish Council11 May, 20177.00pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee25 May, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Parish Council  8 Jun, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee22 Jun, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Parish Council13 Jul, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee27 Jul, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)LinkLink
Planning Committee17 Aug, 20176.30pmCancellednana
Parish Council14 Sep, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)Linkna
Planning Committee28 Sep, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)Linkna
Parish Council12 Oct, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)nana
Planning Committee26 Oct, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)nana
Parish Council  9 Nov, 20177.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)nana
Planning Committee23 Nov, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)nana
Planning Committee14 Dec, 20176.30pmDownderry Coastal Zone (Methodist Church)nana
na = not available