Deviock - A Rural Parish in SE Cornwall
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Parish Council Meetings 2007
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Parish Council10 Jan, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council  8 Feb, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee22 Feb, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council  8 Mar, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee22 Mar, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council  5 Apr, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee26 Apr, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council  7 Jun, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee21 Jun, 200719:30:00 naLink
Extraordinary General  6 Jul, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council12 Jul, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee26 Jul, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee16 Aug, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council13 Sep, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee27 Sep, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council11 Oct, 200719:30:00 naLink
Finance and General
Purposes Committee
25 Oct, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee25 Oct, 200719:30:00 naLink
Parish Council  8 Nov, 200719:30:00 naLink
Planning Committee13 Dec, 200719:30:00 naLink
na = not available