Deviock - A Rural Parish in SE Cornwall
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Deviock Parish was founded in April 1997 from the southern section of the former St. Germans Parish combined with a small element of St.Martins by Looe (that is West Seaton, Trelowia and West Hessenford ) and an even smaller element of Morval comprising the Bickham Farm complex.

The Parish is most noteworthy for it's scenery and as befits a coastal Cornish parish which bestraddles a Cornish river, the wildlife complement and the variety of habitats displayed is second to none.

LINK TO MAP courtesy of Caradon District Council

PHOTOS by Maureen Stangroom ©2004 all rights reserved

White boats at Downderry
Seaton Valley
Downderry On Sea

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The Parish lies within the Caradon district of Cornwall, covering an area of just over 5000 acres (2108 hectares). There are over 200 children under 18 years bringing the population to just over 1300 (Births and immigration exceed deaths and emigration so the population, along with the number of houses, is growing )


reflects ecclesiastical, historical and topographical features from all three elements.

Incorporated elements include :-
  1. Fifteen bezants of Cornwall
  2. House and Lilies of St Annes
  3. Cross of Copley
  4. Gold Sacs of St.Nicolas
  5. Saltire of Deviock
  6. Half Escarbuncle of St Martins
  7. Displayed Eagle of Morval
  8. Sea & River symbol from St.Germans Crest
  9. Ermine of St.Germans & Plouguerneau
  10. The Celtic triskels terminating a Celtic Ribbon

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In the Millennium Year AD 2000, in Deviock Parish there were the following public buildings:-

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